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Specialty Produce Online Ordering Users Login Page

New! If you are a commerical customer of Specialty Produce (restuarant, catering, etc.) you can now access our online ordering system from your mobile phone browser.
Just open your phone's browser and go to (same as this page)
and your iphone, blackberry or android will get login and ordering pages customized for the smaller screen.

• You can find a short training video here. Check it out...

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Thanks for using our system to place your orders. Your feedback is extremely important to us.

If you have questions or comments, call our Online Users' Help Desk @ 619-876-4086 (press 4 for help with your username or password, press 7 for technical issues)
or email for assistance using

If the online system appears to not be working for you and you need to get your order in, please call 619-295-3172
to speak with someone or leave a voicemail and your order will get into our system.