Farmers’ Market Bag 3-17-10

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
Italian Sorrento Lemons & Cara Cara Oranges – Rancho Del Sol
Lyon Artichoke – Life’s a Choke
Baby Carrots – Jaime Farms
Watermelon Radish – McGrath Family Farms
Green Garlic – Schaner Farms
Assorted Lettuce Heads – Coastal Organics & Coleman Farms
French Breakfast Radish, Cilantro & Leeks – Rutiz Farms

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Fava Beans are a quintessential sign that spring is nearing.  A small handful of farmers are harvesting them now and bringing them to the market.  Jaime Farms and Schaner Family Farms both have small quantities available right now.

Five to seven fava beans are encased in a large green pod that is for the most part, not edible, although some cultures will steam the fava whole and serve it as such, as well. Hiding inside the pod are shiny sea ban coloured beans which, like snowflakes, are all of a unique size.  When cooked, their flavor is sweet and tastes like a cross between a bean and a pea.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

A favorite bean of China, fava beans appear dried, fresh or fried and salted on the Iberian Peninsula. India and the eastern coastal Chinese region near Shanghai.  The fava is a favorite of countries across the world, including European countries throughout the Mediterranean, such as France and Spain (whose climates are similar to that of California.)

Baby Anzio Artichokes newest crop has arrived!


The farmers market is filled with vivid reds and deliciousness!  Gloria Tamai Farms has Gaviota Strawberries.  Coleman Family Farms has Vulcan Red Leaf lettuce, Rancho Del Sol and Garcia Organics are harvesting some amazing Blood Oranges!! Coastal Organics grows giant red violet chard and Jaime Farms is bringing some sweet Black Cherry Tomatoes!!!

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