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Hass Avocados

Hass Avocados

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Hass avocados' seasons vary depending on the growing region. California avocados are in season from February through October. When they are not in-season, they can be found growing in Chile, Peru and Mexico, though summer Mexican crops have a tendency to have inferior quality due to an overly rich oil content.

Current Facts

Though there are hundreds of varieties of avocados, the Hass avocado has become the benchmark avocado for commercial production. Its long growing seasons, prolific fruit production and shipping tolerance are virtues that make the Hass the standard market avocado. It is the avocado that the general public identify as simply, an avocado.


The Hass avocado is known for its quintessentially tumbled leathery fairly thick skin that turns near black when fully mature. The flesh closest to the skin is a lush colored pale lime green and as it nears the central pit it develops a rich creamy yellow tone and softer, oil rich texture. Hass avocado's flavor reflects its texture - creamy and smooth with a nutty and sweet finish.

Nutritional Value

Depending on the time of year, the avocado's fat content varies. In the early part of the harvest season, California avocados have a fat content close to 2 grams per ounce, while later in the year, they can peak at 6 grams per ounce. Avocados are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and folate and are a good source of mono-unsaturated fat.


To halve and pit a ripe avocado, cut in half lengthwise until reaching the center stone. Twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate. Remove the pit with a spoon. Carefully peel away skin. Avocados may be mashed, cubed or sliced, stuffed or pureed. To store, ripen fruit at room temperature. Refrigerate when ripe. Once ripe, use promptly for optimum flavor and texture.


The Hass avocado is native to La Habra Heights, California where groves of avocado trees still flourish today. The very first Hass avocado tree was planted from seed (an avocado pit) in the early 1920's by A.R. Rideout. He sold a seedling to Rudolph Hass and it was that seedling that turned a single seed into a ubiquitous tree fruit. Rudolph Hass appropriately named the tree after himself and patented the fruit in 1935. The tree that launched millions more trees would bear fruit for 80 years before finally giving way to root rot, not uncommon among avocado trees. Although they need an incredible amount of water to bear healthy fruit consistently, avocado trees cannot tolerate overly irrigated soil or an abundance of rainfall. They prefer arid regions and semi tropical regions with well aerated soil.

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Westin Gaslamp Quarter  San Diego CA   619-239-2200
Paradise Point Resort Tropics  San Diego CA   858-490-6363
Donovan's Downtown  San Diego CA   619-237-9700
BFD-Big Front Door  San Diego CA   619-255-4100
Chateau La Jolla  San Diego CA   858-459-4451
Maxi's Luncheonette  San Diego CA   858-638-0088
Blue Smoke Sushi Lounge  San Diego CA   619-381-6713
Sea & Smoke  Del Mar CA   858-925-8212
The Crossings  Carlsbad CA   760-444-1800
Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront & Spa  Carlsbad CA   760-602-0800
Local Greens  Solana Beach CA   858-504-0332
Four Seasons Residence Club  Carlsbad CA   760 603 3700
Hotel Palomar-Salt Box  San Diego CA   619-515-4062
Tender Greens-Liberty Station  San Diego CA   619-226-6254
Lofty Coffee Co-Encinitas  Encinitas CA   760-230-6747
The Craftsman New American Tavern  Encinitas CA   760-415-2380
Paradise Point Resort Barefoot  San Diego CA   858-490-6363
Pacific Athletic Club  San Diego CA   858-509-0700
Pure Burger  Carlsbad CA   760-683-5101
Saiko Sushi  Coronado CA   619-435-0868
Union Tribune  San Diego CA   619-299-3131
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The Tavern  Coronado CA   602-628-5890
Papa Luna's-Downtown  San Diego CA   858-255-8875
Lodge at Torrey Pines Main  San Diego CA   858-453-4420
Entwined Bistro & Wine Bar  Escondido CA   760-705-1556
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Gaslamp Union Kitchen & Tap  San Diego CA   619-654-3736
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Burlap  San Diego CA   858 369 5700
Tapenade  San Diego CA   858-551-7500
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The Fantail Cafe  San Diego CA   619-398-8258
Tender Greens-UTC  San Diego CA   858-455-9395
Redwing Bar & Grill  San Diego CA   619-281-8700
Don Chido  San Diego CA   716-316-8374
Croces West  San Diego CA   619-233-4355
The Promiscuous Fork-La Jolla Blvd  La Jolla CA   858-776-3246
Sabuku Sushi  San Diego CA   619-281-9700
The Oceanaire Miscellaneous  San Diego CA   619-858-2277
The Original Sand Crab Tavern Inc.  Escondido CA   760-480-2722
J six  San Diego CA   619-531-8744
Great Maple  San Diego CA   619-255-2282
Convivial Catering  San Diego CA   760-828-8762
Casino Pauma  PAUMA VALLEY CA   760-891-7961
Tin Leaf Frsh Kitchen  Carlsbad CA   619-236-1299
Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge  Coronado CA   619-522-6890
Tom Hams Light House  San Diego CA   619-291-9110
Pizzeria Mozza-San Diego  San Diego CA   619-376-4353
Under Belly-Little Italy  San Diego CA   619-269-4626
Marriott Courtyard  San Diego CA   619-446-3008
Barleymash  San Diego CA   619-276-6700 x304
98 Bottles  San Diego CA   619-549-5097
Urbn St Brewing Co.  El Cajon CA   619-892-0553
Market Creek Events  San Diego CA   619-527-6161
Shimbashi Izakaya  Del Mar CA   858-523-0479
The Curious Fork  Solana Beach CA   650-468-6195
The Farm Golf Club  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-756-5585
Ken Sushi Workshop  San Diego CA   858-793-1200
Sublime Tavern  Del Mar CA   858-259-9100
Wet Stone Winebar and Cafe  San Diego CA   619-255-2856
Point Loma Seafood  San Diego CA   619-223-1109
Iron Pig Alehouse  San Diego CA   619-885-3718
Harney Sushi Old Town  San Diego CA   619-295-3272
The Bier Garden  Encinitas CA   760-632-2437
West Coast Tavern  San Diego CA   619-295-1688
Brigantine Escondido  Escondido CA   760-743-4718
Bread & Cie Café  San Diego CA   619-683-9322
Museum Cafe  La Jolla CA   858-456-6427
Ohana Catering  San Diego CA   858-278-1043
Jeff Grad  La Jolla CA   858-248-0984
Come On In Sorrento Valley  San Diego CA   858-558-8964
La Costa Glen North  Carlsbad CA   760-704-1436
Come On In Paseo  San Diego CA   858-523-0221
Gauchito Grill  San Marcos CA   858-705-1747
Allegro Bistro  San Diego CA   619-838-3560
Toast Enoteca Cucina  San Diego CA   619-269-4342
The Shores  La Jolla CA   858-459-8271
The Compass  Carlsbad CA   760-419-8343
Stake Chophouse & Bar  Coronado CA   619-522-6890
Fishery  San Diego CA   858-272-9985
Red Door Restaurant & Wine Bar  San Diego CA   619-295-6000
Sessions Public  San Diego CA   619-756-7715
Blue Ocean  Carlsbad CA   415-305-0399
Bali Hai Restaurant  San Diego CA   619-222-1181
Ruth's Chris Steak House DT  San Diego CA   619-233-1422
Carolines Seaside Cafe  La Jolla CA   858-202-0569
Stingaree  San Diego CA   619-544-0867
Brothers Cafe & Catering  San Diego CA   619-595-0295
Mille Fleurs  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-756-3085
Turquoise Coffee  San Diego CA   858-412-5377
Devine Pastabilities  San Diego CA   619-379-7644
Kappa Sushi  San Diego CA   858-566-3388
Golden Door  San Marcos CA   760-761-4142
Fins Mexican Eatery  La Jolla CA   858-455-9836
W San Diego Hotel  San Diego CA   619-398-3024
La Costa Diversions and Edge Pool  Carlsbad CA   760-930-7063
The Buffalo Public House  San Diego CA   619-458-9198
Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor  San Diego CA   619-234-4166
Davanti Enoteca El Camino Real  San Diego CA   858-519-5060
Brasserie  San Diego CA   858-450-9576
Miguel's Cocina Pt Loma  San Diego CA   619-224-2401
Harley Gray Kitchen and Bar  San Diego CA   619-840-7000
Delta Zeta  San Diego CA   858-337-7536
Truluck's Seafood Steak and Crab House  San Diego CA   858-453-2583
Bleu Boheme  San Diego CA   619-255-4167
Knotty Barrel  San Diego CA   619-269-7156
UCSD Food & Nutrition Department La Jolla  San Diego CA   858-657-6473
Harry's Coffee Shop  San Diego CA   858-454-7381
Gift Card Redeem  San Diego CA   619-295-3173
Bunz a Burger Joint  San Diego CA   619-298-6515
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Stone Brewing-Liberty Station  San Diego CA   619-269-2100
Mission Ave Bar and Grill  Oceanside CA   760-637-2222
Bishop School  San Diego CA   858-459-4021 x212
Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill  San Diego CA   619-497-0914
Rare Form  San Diego CA   619-295-3172
Nobu  San Diego CA   619-814-4124
Roy's San Diego  San Diego CA   619-239-7697
UCSD Food & Nutrition Department Hillcrest  San Diego CA   619-543-2764
Bailiwick  San Diego CA   619-795-3036
Amalfi Gourmet LLC  San Diego CA   619-379-3099
Healthy Creations  Encinitas CA   760-479-0500
AJ's Fish Merchant  San Diego CA   619-462-1192
Firefly Beach  San Diego CA   619-222-6440
Green Dragon Tavern & Museum  Carlsbad CA   760-797-5579
Mitch's Seafood  San Diego CA   (619) 222-8787
The Greenspot Salad Co.  San Diego CA   858-587-2585
Pascucci Pasta  San Diego CA   619-285-8000
Evergreen Cuisine LLC  San Diego CA   619-917-2685

Recipe Ideas
Recipes that include Hass Avocados. One is easiest, three is harder.
The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen Pan Fried Bacon Wrapped Avocados
Live Laugh Eat Avocado Banana Bread
No Recipes Grapefruit Guacamole
Joy the Baker Cold Avocado Soup with Sweet Corn and Bacon
The Kitchn Raw Avocado Cacao Mousse
Cookin Canuck Poached Egg on Toast with Chipotle Mayonnaise, Bacon & Avocado
Kalyn's Kitchen Black Bean Salad with Fuyu Persimmon, Avocado, and Lime-Cumin Vinaigrette
Herbivoracious Roasted Potato and Asparagus Tacos with Kohlrabi Slaw
The Kitchn Kale Salad with Apricots, Avocado, and Parmesan
Ambitious Kitchen Mango Kiwi Avocado Green Smoothie
the other 17...
Aapplemint Chilled Avocado Soup with Mint, Cucumber and Lemongrass
Healthy Blender Recipes Ricki Heller’s Vegan Roasted Potato Salad with Avocado Pesto
Cooking with Amy Pomegranate Avocado Salad with Miso Dressing
Foodo del Mundo Watermelon Salsa Salad
Green Kitchen Must-Try Kale Salad
Umami Girl House Special Roll
Wild Man Steve Brill Cep-Stuffed Avocados
The 99 Cent Chef Cesar Chavez Salad
Gina's Skinny Recipes Papaya Avocado Salad
Pinch My Salt Avocado Pie
Food Mayhem Mizuna, Tomato, and Avocado Salad with Pomegranate Lime Dressing
Pro Bono Baker Raw Sweet Corn, Cashew & Avocado Chowder
Elana's Pantry Cucumber Avocado Gazpacho
The Craving Chronicles Strawberry, Mango and Avocado Salad with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette
One Perfect Bite Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
Koko's Corner Guacamole en Molcajete
A Cozy Kitchen Avocado Fries

Recently Spotted
People have spotted Hass Avocados using the Specialty Produce app for iPhone and Android.

Produce Spotting allows you to share your produce discoveries with your neighbors and the world! Is your market carrying green dragon apples? Is a chef doing things with shaved fennel that are out of this world? Pinpoint your location annonymously through the Specialty Produce App and let others know about unique flavors that are around them.

Little Italy Mercato   
Heritage Family Farms
Heritage Family Farm
Near San Diego, California, United States
About 13 days ago, 10/11/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Little Italy Mercato.

Meijer Near Newell, Illinois, United States
About 30 days ago, 9/24/14

schnucks Near Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States
About 32 days ago, 9/21/14

publix bellalago Near Loughman, Florida, United States
About 57 days ago, 8/28/14
Spotter's comments : 10 for $10.00

Publix Super Market at Vilano Beach Town Center Near St. Augustine, United States
About 82 days ago, 8/02/14

Castro Farmers' Market Near San Francisco, California, United States
About 93 days ago, 7/23/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Castro Farmers' Market. There's always space for avocados. From Bernard Ranches, not certified organic but use good practices.

Kroger Near Hiram, Georgia, United States
About 113 days ago, 7/02/14

Harris Teeter Wake Forest NC Near Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States
About 127 days ago, 6/19/14
Spotter's comments : great quality

Publix Super Market at Walsingham Commons Near Ridgecrest, Florida, United States
About 128 days ago, 6/18/14

Beloit Piggly Wiggly Near Janesville, Wisconsin, United States
About 129 days ago, 6/17/14

Hy-Vee Near Cortland, Illinois, United States
About 129 days ago, 6/17/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Hy-Vee.

La Comercial Mexicana   
La Comercial Mexicana
Near Colonial, Baja California, Mexico
About 168 days ago, 5/09/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at La Comercial Mexicana.

Publix Super Market at Hollieanna Shopping Center Near Fairview Shores, Florida, United States
About 189 days ago, 4/18/14

Nathel and Nathel Near Halleck St - Oak PT Av, New York, United States
About 190 days ago, 4/16/14

Iris Food & Spirits Near Del Mar, California, United States
About 191 days ago, 4/16/14

Pepper's Foods Near northbound Cadboro Bay FS Sinclair (#101126), British Columbia, Canada
About 201 days ago, 4/06/14

Little Italy Mercato   
Tom King Farms
Near San Diego, California, United States
About 202 days ago, 4/05/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Little Italy Mercato.

Little Italy Mercato   
Peter Schaner
Near San Diego, California, United States
About 202 days ago, 4/05/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Little Italy Mercato.

Little Italy Mercato   
Farmer Mario
Gilbert And Lee Quintos Farms
Near San Diego, California, United States
About 202 days ago, 4/05/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Little Italy Mercato.

Little Italy Mercato   
Bob Polito Farm
Near San Diego, California, United States
About 202 days ago, 4/05/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Little Italy Mercato. Great buttery texture.

Pepper's Foods Near northbound Cadboro Bay FS Sinclair (#101126), British Columbia, Canada
About 211 days ago, 3/27/14

The Great Maple Near Del Mar, California, United States
About 222 days ago, 3/16/14
Spotter's comments : deep fried

Publix Super Market at Walsingham Commons Near Ridgecrest, Florida, United States
About 231 days ago, 3/07/14

Produce Junction Near Magnolia, New Jersey, United States
About 232 days ago, 3/06/14

La Comercial Mexicana Near Colonial, Baja California, Mexico
About 251 days ago, 2/15/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at La Comercial Mexicana.

Blassito Near Colonial, Baja California, Mexico
About 268 days ago, 1/29/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Blassito.

90804 Near Signal Hill, California, United States
About 275 days ago, 1/22/14

Metropolitan Market Near Seattle, Washington, United States
About 284 days ago, 1/13/14
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Metropolitan Market. Jumbo Hass Avo will be perfect in my smoothie!

Albertsons 2351 main St NE Los Lunas NM Near Valencia, New Mexico, United States
About 306 days ago, 12/21/13

Castro Farmers' Market Near San Francisco, California, United States
About 408 days ago, 9/11/13
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Castro Farmers' Market. Tasty gems from Bernard Ranches.

jewel foods Near Blue Island, Illinois, United States
About 414 days ago, 9/05/13

Castro Farmers' Market Near San Francisco, California, United States
About 422 days ago, 8/28/13
Spotter's comments : Hass Avocados spotted at Castro Farmers' Market. These JUMBO monsters are beautiful! From Bernard Ranches

Mercado Hidalgo Near Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
About 454 days ago, 7/27/13
Spotter's comments : For a delicious dish called guacamole.

Supermercado Jumbo Near Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
About 480 days ago, 6/30/13

Fresh Mart Near Shanghai, Shanghai, China
About 531 days ago, 5/10/13
Spotter's comments : Fresh hass avocados are from Mexico .

shinjuku Near Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
About 537 days ago, 5/05/13
Spotter's comments : Hass avocados imported from Mexico on sale near Shinjuku station.

Hedey's Farm Near Escondido, California, United States
About 549 days ago, 4/23/13
Spotter's comments : Hass avocados grown on property. Great buttery texture.

???? | GL Japan Plaza Near Shanghai, Shanghai, China
About 554 days ago, 4/18/13
Spotter's comments : Fresh hass from Mexico.

paradise fruits Near 50 St - 11 Av, New York, United States
About 575 days ago, 3/28/13
Spotter's comments : I spotted Hass Avocados at paradise fruits!

Your Dekalb Farmers Market Near Scottdale, Georgia, United States
About 597 days ago, 3/06/13

Specialty Produce Near San Diego, California, United States
About 605 days ago, 2/26/13
Spotter's comments : These are yummy

All Products

1724 products listed:



Akebi Fruit




Apple Ambrosia

Apple Anna

Apple Ashmead's Kernel

Apple Autumn Glory

Apple Autumn Greeting

Apple Belle de Boskoop

Apple Black Arkansas

Apple Black Twig

Apple Blondee

Apple Braeburn

Apple Bramley

Apple Calville Blanc

Apple Cameo

Apple Cortland

Apple Crab

Apple Crab Wickson

Apple Crab Siberian

Apple Crab Transcendent

Apple Crimson Gold

Apple Criterion

Apple Delicious Gold

Apple Delicious Red

Apple Delicious Striped

Apple Ein Shemer

Apple Empire

Apple Envy

Apple Fortune

Apple Freyberg

Apple Fuji

Apple Fuji Early

Apple Gala

Apple Ginger Gold

Apple Gold Rush

Apple Golden Dorsett

Apple Granny Smith

Apple Grapple™

Apple Gravenstein

Apple Green Dragon

Apple Grimes Golden

Apple Hidden Rose®

Apple Honeycrisp

Apple Jazz

Apple Jonagolds

Apple Jonathan

Apple Kidds Red

Apple Kiku

Apple King David

Apple Lady

Apple Lamb Abbey

Apple Liberty

Apple Lodi

Apple Macoun

Apple McIntosh

Apple Melrose

Apple Mother

Apple Mt. Rose

Apple Mutsu

Apple New Jersey

Apple Northern Spy

Apple Opal

Apple Orin Sweet

Apple Orleans Reinette

Apple Pacific Beauty

Apple Pazazz

Apple Philo Gold

Apple Pinata

Apple Pink Lady

Apple Pink Pearl

Apple Pinova

Apple Pippin

Apple Pippin Cox's Orange

Apple Pippin Ribston

Apple Red Gold

Apple Rome

Apple Rose

Apple Roxbury Russet

Apple Rubinette

Apple Salish

Apple Sierra Beauty

Apple Silken

Apple Sinap Kandi

Apple Sommerfeld

Apple Sonya

Apple Spartan

Apple Spitzenburg

Apple Sunrise

Apple SweeTango™

Apple Sweetie

Apple Swiss Gourmet

Apple Tejocote

Apple Topaz

Apple Tsugaru

Apple Twenty Ounce

Apple Tydeman

Apple White Pearmain

Apple Winesap

Apple Zestar


Apricots Angelcots

Apricots Aprium

Apricots Black Velvet

Apricots Blenheim

Apricots Bonny Royal

Apricots Cot-n-Candy

Apricots Gold Velvet

Apricots Modesto

Apricots Moorpark

Apricots Red Velvet

Apricots White

Artichokes Baby Anzio

Artichokes Baby Green

Artichokes Baby Purple (Fiesole)

Artichokes Cardoni Italian

Artichokes Cocktail

Artichokes Fiore Viola

Artichokes Lyon

Artichokes Omaha

Artichokes Purple Long Stem

Artichokes Sangria

Artichokes With Thorns


Asparagus Jumbo

Asparagus Large

Asparagus Lettuce

Asparagus Pencil Extra Small

Asparagus Purple

Asparagus Standard

Asparagus White

Asparagus White Salad

Asparagus Wild

Avocados Bacon

Avocados Cocktail

Avocados Daily 11

Avocados Florida

Avocados Fuerte

Avocados Gwen

Avocados Hass

Avocados Hass Lambs

Avocados Indian

Avocados Mexicola Cocktail

Avocados Mexicola Grande

Avocados Nabal

Avocados Nimlioh

Avocados Pinkerton

Avocados Puebla

Avocados Reed

Avocados Zutano

Ayame Yuki


Bac Ha

Bamboo Shoots Fresh

Bamboo Takenoko

Banana Stem


Bananas Apple

Bananas Baby

Bananas Burro

Bananas Ice Cream

Bananas Plantain Black

Bananas Plantain Green

Bananas Plantain Yellow

Bananas Rajapuri

Bananas Raw

Bananas Red


Bark Oak

Beans Biandou

Beans Blue Lake

Beans China Long

Beans China Long Purple

Beans Dragon Tongue

Beans Fava Tendrils

Beans French

Beans French Baby Purple

Beans French Baby Yellow

Beans Marvel of Venice

Beans Moon Ruby

Beans Papdi

Beans Purple

Beans Romano Green

Beans Romano Purple

Beans Romano Yellow

Beans Shelling Appaloosa

Beans Shelling Black Eye Peas

Beans Shelling Black Turtle

Beans Shelling Borlotti

Beans Shelling Calypso

Beans Shelling Cannelini

Beans Shelling Coco

Beans Shelling Cranberry

Beans Shelling Crowder

Beans Shelling Dixie Butter

Beans Shelling Fava

Beans Shelling Flageolet

Beans Shelling Garbanzo

Beans Shelling Jacob's Cattle

Beans Shelling Lima

Beans Shelling Lima Christmas

Beans Shelling Mauve Runner

Beans Shelling Paint

Beans Shelling Persian

Beans Shelling Rattlesnake

Beans Shelling Red Italian

Beans Shelling Tepary White

Beans Shelling Tiger's Eye

Beans Shelling Tongue of Fire

Beans Shelling Vallarta

Beans Shelling White Cap

Beans Shelling Yellow Indian Woman

Beans Wax Yellow

Beans Wing

Bee Pollen

Beets Baby Bunch Bulls Blood

Beets Baby Bunch Chioggia

Beets Baby Bunch Cylindra

Beets Baby Bunch Gold

Beets Baby Bunch Red

Beets Baby Bunch White

Beets Forno Gold

Beets Forno Red

Beets Large Chioggia

Beets Large Gold

Beets Large Red

Beets Large White

Beets Shiraz

Bell Peppers Holland Brown

Bell Peppers Holland Green

Bell Peppers Holland Orange

Bell Peppers Holland Purple

Bell Peppers Holland Red

Bell Peppers Holland White

Bell Peppers Holland Yellow

Bell Peppers Japanese Green

Bell Peppers Japanese Red

Bell Peppers Large Green

Bell Peppers Large Orange

Bell Peppers Large Red

Bell Peppers Large Yellow

Bell Peppers Sweet Mini Mix

Bell Peppers Tinker Green

Bell Peppers Tinker Red

Bell Peppers Tinker Yellow

Bell Sweet Mini Mix


Berries Bayberry

Berries Blackberry

Berries Blueberry

Berries Blueberry Pink Lemonade

Berries Blueberry Wild

Berries Boysenberry

Berries Chokeberry Black

Berries Cranberry

Berries Currant Black

Berries Currant Red

Berries Currant White

Berries Elderberry

Berries Elderberry White

Berries Goji

Berries Goose

Berries Goose Cape

Berries Goose Captivator

Berries Huckle

Berries Huckle Red

Berries Lilly Pilly

Berries Loganberry

Berries Marionberry

Berries Midgen

Berries Miracle

Berries Mulberry

Berries Mulberry Chinese Red

Berries Mulberry King White

Berries Mulberry Pakistan

Berries Mulberry White

Berries Myrtle

Berries Ollalieberry

Berries Pineberry

Berries Raspberry

Berries Raspberry Black

Berries Raspberry Gold

Berries Raspberry Purple

Berries Raspberry Sunshine

Berries Sea Buckthorn

Berries Silverberry

Berries Strawberry

Berries Strawberry Amaou

Berries Strawberry Green

Berries Strawberry Stem

Berries Strawberry Toukun

Berries Strawberry White

Berries Strawberry White Alpine

Berries Strawberry Wild

Berries Waxberry

Berries Youngberry

Betel Nut

Bilva Fruit

Bitter Eggplant (Likok)

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon Indian

Bitter Melon White

Blue Crown Fruit

Bottle Gourd



Broccoli Baby

Broccoli Baby Arrow Red

Broccoli Baby Calabrese

Broccoli Baby Romanesco

Broccoli Italian "Di Ciccio"

Broccoli Romanesco

Broccoli Spigarello

Broccolini (Aspirations)

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Baby

Brussels Sprouts Baby Purple

Brussels Sprouts Leaves

Brussels Sprouts Micro

Brussels Sprouts Stalk


Butterbur Sprout

Cabbage Bok Choy

Cabbage Bok Choy Baby

Cabbage Bok Choy Red

Cabbage Choi Sum

Cabbage Choi Sum Baby White

Cabbage Conehead

Cabbage Green

Cabbage Italian Black

Cabbage Napa

Cabbage Red

Cabbage Savoy

Cabbage Taiwan Bok Choy

Cabbage Taiwanese Flat

Cabbage Toyko Bekana

Cabbage Yu Choy

Caigua (Achocha)


Cane Fruit

Carob Bean


Carrots Baby Bunch

Carrots Baby Bunch White

Carrots Baby Bunch Yellow

Carrots Baby Mix Bunch

Carrots Black Knight

Carrots Bunch Baby Red (Maroon)

Carrots Chantenay

Carrots Kintoki Ninjin

Carrots Nantes

Carrots Purple

Carrots Round

Carrots Yellow


Cauliflower Baby Green

Cauliflower Baby Orange

Cauliflower Baby Purple

Cauliflower Baby White

Cauliflower Karifurore

Cauliflower Large Green

Cauliflower Large Orange

Cauliflower Large Purple

Cauliflower Large White


Celery Baby

Celery Chinese

Chard Swiss

Chard Swiss Baby Red

Chard Swiss Golden

Chard Swiss Rainbow

Chard Swiss Red



Cherries Bing

Cherries Black Republican

Cherries Black Tartarian

Cherries Brooks

Cherries Capulin

Cherries Cedar Bay

Cherries Lapin

Cherries Rainier

Cherries Sequoia

Cherries Sour

Cherries Surinam

Cherries Sweetheart

Cherries Tulare

Chestnuts Husk

Chicory Castelfranco

Chicory Catalogna

Chicory Frisee

Chicory Puntarella

Chicory Radicchio

Chicory Radicchio Green

Chicory Radicchio Tardivo

Chicory Treviso


Citron Buddhas Hand

Citron Etrog

Coconut Baby

Coconut Dry

Coconut Husked

Coconut Sweet

Coconut White

Coconut With Husk

Coconut Young

Coconut Young Green

Corn Baby

Corn Glass Gem

Corn Husk

Corn Popcorn On The Cob

Corn Red

Corn White

Corn Yellow



Cucumbers Armenian

Cucumbers Gherkin Watermelon

Cucumbers Hot House

Cucumbers Japanese

Cucumbers Lemon

Cucumbers Miniature with Flowers

Cucumbers Old

Cucumbers Persian

Cucumbers Pickling

Cucumbers Salt and Pepper

Cucumbers West Indian Gherkin

Dates Cire

Dates Dayri

Dates Dayri Unpollinated

Dates Empress

Dates Honey

Dates Khadrawi

Dates On the Vine

Dates Zahidi


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Pitaya



Eggplant Apple Green

Eggplant Baby

Eggplant Baby White

Eggplant Barbarella

Eggplant Chinese

Eggplant Choryoku

Eggplant Cluster

Eggplant Fengyuan

Eggplant Filipino

Eggplant Graffiti

Eggplant Heirloom Mix

Eggplant Indian

Eggplant Italian

Eggplant Japanese

Eggplant Japanese White

Eggplant Kamo

Eggplant Oonaga

Eggplant Purple

Eggplant Raja

Eggplant Taiwanese

Eggplant Thai

Eggplant Tiger

Eggplant Wild

Eggs Brown Mike and Son

Eggs Emu

Eggs Free Range

Eggs Goose

Eggs Guinea Hen

Eggs Hen

Eggs Turkey

Endive Belgian

Endive Belgian Red

Endive Curly

Endive Escarole



Fennel Baby

Ferns Fiddlehead

Ferns Hawaiian Pohole

Figs Black Mission

Figs Brown Turkey

Figs Celeste

Figs Green

Figs Green Kadota

Figs Tiger Stripe

Flowers Almond Blossoms

Flowers Apple Blossoms

Flowers Apricot Blossoms

Flowers Arugula Blossoms

Flowers Assortment

Flowers Bachelor's Buttons

Flowers Banana

Flowers Bok Choy

Flowers Borage

Flowers Broccoli

Flowers Broccoli

Flowers Buzz Button™

Flowers Calendulas

Flowers Celeriac

Flowers Chive Blossoms

Flowers Cilantro

Flowers Confetti

Flowers Coriander

Flowers Dahlia

Flowers Dill Blossoms

Flowers Fennel Blossom

Flowers Firestix™

Flowers Garlic Chive Spears

Flowers Garlic Society

Flowers Geranium Rose

Flowers Green Mizuna

Flowers Lavender Wands

Flowers Marigold

Flowers Micro Flower Blend

Flowers Micro Fuchsia™

Flowers Micro Lavender

Flowers Micro Marigold

Flowers Micro Orchid

Flowers Micro Star

Flowers Micro Sun Daisy

Flowers Micro White Mum

Flowers Mustard

Flowers Nasturtium Canary

Flowers Nasturtium Pods

Flowers Nasturtiums

Flowers Orange Blossoms

Flowers Orchid

Flowers Orchids Grafitti

Flowers Pansy

Flowers Parda

Flowers Parsley

Flowers Pea Tendril Blossoms

Flowers Peach Blossoms

Flowers Pear Blossoms

Flowers Radish

Flowers Radish Daikon Blossoms

Flowers Rapini

Flowers Rose Petals

Flowers Rosemary Blossoms

Flowers Scallion Blossoms

Flowers Snapdragons

Flowers Sunflowers

Flowers Viola

Flowers Yarrow

Flowers Yu Choy

Foraged Berries Christmas

Foraged Berries Indian Hawthorn

Foraged Berries Juniper

Foraged Berries Lemonade

Foraged Berries Saltbush

Foraged Broadleaf Plantain

Foraged Calabazilla

Foraged Cattail

Foraged Celery Wild

Foraged Chia

Foraged Cholla Cactus Buds

Foraged Desert Apricots

Foraged Fennel

Foraged Fennel Seeds

Foraged Flowers Elderflower

Foraged Flowers Sticky Monkey

Foraged Flowers Woolly Blue Curls

Foraged Ground Ivy

Foraged Herbs Chickweed

Foraged Herbs Mallow

Foraged Herbs Sage Black

Foraged Herbs Sage White

Foraged Herbs White Horehound

Foraged Ice Plant

Foraged Kaffir Plum

Foraged Leaves Bay California

Foraged Leaves Strawberry

Foraged Lettuce Red Miners

Foraged Lettuce Wild

Foraged Malunggay

Foraged Mustard Wild

Foraged Natal Plums

Foraged Onion

Foraged Pear Prickly Red

Foraged Peas Wild

Foraged Peppercorns Pink

Foraged Pine Needles

Foraged Pine Nuts

Foraged Pine Pollen Cones

Foraged Pineapple Weed

Foraged Radish Wild

Foraged Rhubarb Wild

Foraged Ribgrass Plantain

Foraged Spruce Tips

Foraged Stork's-Bill

Foraged Strawberry Tree

Foraged Walnuts Black

Foraged Watercress Wild

Foraged Wood Sorrel

Fresh Micro Amaranth Red

Fresh Micro Arugula

Fresh Micro Arugula Sylvetta

Fresh Micro Asian Mallow

Fresh Micro Basil Italian

Fresh Micro Basil Lemon

Fresh Micro Basil Opal

Fresh Micro Cabbage Chinese

Fresh Micro Carrot Fern Leaf

Fresh Micro Celery

Fresh Micro Chives

Fresh Micro Cilantro

Fresh Micro Cucumber

Fresh Micro Cumin

Fresh Micro Cumin Black

Fresh Micro Dill

Fresh Micro Fennel

Fresh Micro Kale Red

Fresh Micro Mint Lavender™

Fresh Micro Mint Lemon

Fresh Micro Mitsuba

Fresh Micro Mix Absinthe

Fresh Micro Mix Antioxident

Fresh Micro Mix Basil

Fresh Micro Mix Cajun

Fresh Micro Mix Chard

Fresh Micro Mix Chef's Blend™

Fresh Micro Mix Intensity™

Fresh Micro Mix Italian

Fresh Micro Mix Mirepoix™

Fresh Micro Mix Ocean

Fresh Micro Mix Rainbow

Fresh Micro Mustard Dijon™

Fresh Micro Mustard Horseradish

Fresh Micro Okra

Fresh Micro Orach Magenta

Fresh Micro Pak Choy

Fresh Micro Parsley Curled

Fresh Micro Pea Green

Fresh Micro Pennyroyal

Fresh Micro Pepper Green

Fresh Micro Peppercress

Fresh Micro Radish Ruby™

Fresh Micro Salad Burnet

Fresh Micro Shiso Red

Fresh Micro Tangerine Lace™

Fresh Micro Thyme

Fresh Micro Wasabi

Fresh Petite Arugula

Fresh Petite Arugula Sylvetta

Fresh Petite Basil Licorice

Fresh Petite Cilantro

Fresh Petite Hearts on Fire™

Fresh Petite Lemon Grass

Fresh Petite Mix Amth Carnival™

Fresh Petite Mix Citrus

Fresh Petite Mix Mustard

Fresh Petite Mix Primavera™

Fresh Petite Mix Season's™

Fresh Petite Mix Spinach

Fresh Petite Mix Vietnamese

Fresh Petite Ocean Mix

Fresh Petite Okra

Fresh Petite Pea Green

Fresh Petite Stevia™

Fresh Petite Tangerine Lace™

Fresh Petite Tarragon Spanish

Fresh Petite Watercress Red

Fresh Shoots Fava Gold™

Fresh Shoots Gold Haricot™

Fresh Shoots Gold Peanut

Fresh Shoots Gold Squash™

Fresh Shoots Popcorn

Fresh Squash Zuch w/flower

Fruit Che

Gai Choy

Gai Lan


Garlic Black

Garlic Bogatyr

Garlic Braids

Garlic Chinese

Garlic Elephant

Garlic Flowers

Garlic Green

Garlic Green Baby

Garlic Inchelium

Garlic Italian Purple

Garlic Keeper

Garlic Kettle River

Garlic Pearl

Garlic Rancho Grande

Garlic Red Toch

Garlic Rojo Ajo

Garlic Roots

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Sonoram

Garlic Spanish Roja

Garlic Thai

Garlic UP India

Ghost Plant

Ginger Flower

Gourd Sponge

Grapefruit Cocktail

Grapefruit MeloGold

Grapefruit Oro Blanco

Grapefruit Pomelo

Grapefruit Rex Union

Grapefruit Star Ruby

Grapes Champagne

Grapes Concord

Grapes Concord Seedless

Grapes Cotton Candy

Grapes King De La

Grapes Kyoho

Grapes Muscadine

Grapes Muscat Green

Grapes Muscat Red

Grapes Nagano

Grapes Pinot Noir

Grapes Princess

Grapes Sangiovese

Grapes Seedless Black

Grapes Seedless Green

Grapes Seedless Red

Grapes Sweet Surrender

Grapes Syrah

Grapes Witch Fingers

Greens Collard

Greens Collard Sprouting

Greens Dandelion

Greens Dandelion Red

Greens Magenta Spreen

Greens Minutina Flowering

Greens Mustard

Greens Mustard Frill

Greens Mustard Red

Greens Mustard Red Frill

Greens Mustard White

Greens Steamin'

Greens Tatsoi

Greens Tatsoi Red




Guar (Cluster Bean)


Guavas Brazilian

Guavas Lemon

Guavas Mexican Cream

Guavas Pineapple

Guavas Pink

Guavas Purple

Guavas Strawberry

Guavas Thai

Hawaiian Mountain Apple


Hearts of Palm

Herbs Anise Hyssop

Herbs Arugula

Herbs Arugula Baby

Herbs Arugula Surrey

Herbs Arugula Sylvetta

Herbs Arugula Wasabi

Herbs Arugula Wild

Herbs Basil

Herbs Basil African Blue

Herbs Basil Cinnamon

Herbs Basil Lemon

Herbs Basil Licorice

Herbs Basil Opal

Herbs Basil Pistou

Herbs Basil Thai

Herbs Basil Tulsi

Herbs Chamomile

Herbs Chervil

Herbs Chive Garlic Buds

Herbs Chives

Herbs Chives Angel Hair

Herbs Chives Garlic

Herbs Chives Yellow

Herbs Cilantro

Herbs Cilantro Roots

Herbs Culantro

Herbs Dill Baby

Herbs Dill Weed

Herbs Epazote

Herbs Fenugreek

Herbs Hoja Santa

Herbs Huauzontles

Herbs Hyssop

Herbs Lavender

Herbs Lemon Balm

Herbs Lemon Grass

Herbs Lemon Verbena

Herbs Lovage

Herbs Marjoram

Herbs Methi

Herbs Mint

Herbs Mint Lime

Herbs Mint Apple

Herbs Mint Black Peruvian

Herbs Mint Chocolate

Herbs Mint Curly

Herbs Mint Orange

Herbs Mint Peppermint

Herbs Mint Persian

Herbs Mint Pineapple

Herbs Mint Tops

Herbs Mugwort

Herbs Nepitella

Herbs Oregano

Herbs Oregano Syrian

Herbs Papalo

Herbs Parsley Italian

Herbs Parsley Reg

Herbs Pipicha

Herbs Purslane

Herbs Rau ram

Herbs Rosemary

Herbs Rosemary Skewers

Herbs Rue

Herbs Sage

Herbs Sage Jerusalem

Herbs Sage Tops

Herbs Sage Variegated

Herbs Salad Burnet

Herbs Savory

Herbs Sorrel

Herbs Sorrel French

Herbs Stevia

Herbs Tarragon

Herbs Thyme

Herbs Thyme Flowering

Herbs Thyme Lemon

Herbs Yarrow

Indian Eggplant

Indian Shallot

Jack Fruit



Jelly Palm Fruit



Jujube Dried


Kale Baby

Kale Black

Kale Green Sprouting

Kale Purple

Kale Red Russian

Kale Red Sprouting

Kale Redbor

Kale Siberian

Kale Sprouts

Kale White

Kale White Peacock

Kang Kong





Kiwi Baby

Kiwi Baby Red

Kiwi Golden


Kufri Pukhraj Potatoes


Kumquats Meiwa

Kumquats Nagami

Kumquats Nagami Seedless


Leaves Allspice

Leaves Banana

Leaves Basella

Leaves Bay

Leaves Bittermelon

Leaves Broccoli

Leaves Cassava

Leaves Cauliflower

Leaves Chauli

Leaves Chayote

Leaves Chrysanthemum

Leaves Chukka

Leaves Churang

Leaves Curry

Leaves Fig

Leaves Galangal

Leaves Galangal

Leaves Ginger

Leaves Ginger

Leaves Gongura

Leaves Grape

Leaves Guava

Leaves Hoja Santa

Leaves Horseradish

Leaves Kaffir Lime

Leaves lal Patta

Leaves Lemon

Leaves Long Bean

Leaves Michinga Patta

Leaves Moringa

Leaves Nasturtium

Leaves Okra

Leaves Paan

Leaves Palm

Leaves Pandan

Leaves Passion Fruit

Leaves Pepper Thai

Leaves Perilla

Leaves Persimmon

Leaves Ponnaganti

Leaves Rem Rem

Leaves Squash

Leaves Stinging Nettles

Leaves Taro

Leaves Ti Green

Leaves Ti Red

Leaves Turmeric

Leaves Turmeric

Leaves Yam

Leaves Yucca


Leeks Baby

Leeks French

Leeks Ramp Cloves

Leeks Scapes

Leeks Wild Ramps

Lemonade Fruit


Lemons Alemow

Lemons Eureka

Lemons Golden Euerka

Lemons Italian Sorrento

Lemons Meyer

Lemons Monachello

Lemons Perrine

Lemons Persian Sweet

Lemons Pink

Lett Arcadian Mix

Lett Artisan Baby Romaine Hearts

Lett Artisan Naked Mixed

Lett Baby Iceberg

Lett Baby Lollo Rosso

Lett Baby Mix

Lett Baby Oak Leaf Green

Lett Baby Oak Leaf Red

Lett Baby Romaine Green

Lett Baby Romaine Red

Lett Boston Bibb

Lett Boston Hydroponic

Lett Boston Hydroponic Red

Lett Brunia

Lett Butter Scarlett

Lett Deer's Tongue

Lett Firecracker

Lett Freckles

Lett Gem Green

Lett Gem Red

Lett Gem Red Hydro

Lett Iceberg

Lett Leaf Green

Lett Leaf Green Filets

Lett Leaf Red

Lett Limestone

Lett Lollo Verde

Lett Mache Epic Root

Lett Mache Epic Roots-Red Romance

Lett Miners

Lett Miners

Lett Mix Asian

Lett Mix Braising

Lett Mizuna

Lett Mizuna Red

Lett Pirat

Lett Pirella

Lett Red Fire

Lett Romaine Hearts

Lett Romaine Regular

Lett Sierra

Lett Spring Mix




Limes Australian Finger

Limes Black

Limes Calamondin

Limes Calamondin Varigated

Limes Finger

Limes Gol Nemu

Limes Indian

Limes Kaffir

Limes Key Mexican

Limes Rangpur

Limes Shikwasa

Limes Sudachi

Limes Sweet (Lima Dulce)

Limes Yuzu

Limon Bugja






Lychees Chinese


Mamey Sapote

Mamoncillo (Spanish Lime)

Mandarins Pixie



Mangoes Champagne

Mangoes Champagne Baby

Mangoes Keitt

Mangoes Raw

Mangoes Valencia Pride



Melon Ambrosia

Melon Ananas

Melon Arava

Melon Boule D' Or

Melon Canary

Melon Cantaloupe

Melon Casaba

Melon Cavaillon

Melon Charentais

Melon Chibud

Melon Crenshaw

Melon Elizabeth

Melon Fonzy

Melon French Baby

Melon French Kiss

Melon Galia

Melon Gaya Ivory

Melon Hami-Gua

Melon Honeydew

Melon Honeydew Golden

Melon Honeydew Orange-Fleshed

Melon Honeyloupe

Melon Horn

Melon Korean

Melon Lemon Drop

Melon MAG-nificent

Melon Melorange

Melon Minnesota Midget

Melon Mixed

Melon Muskmelon

Melon Obinovot

Melon Ogen

Melon Pepino

Melon Persian

Melon Petit Gris de Rennes

Melon Prescott Fond Blanc

Melon Rich Sweetness

Melon Sakata

Melon Santa Claus

Melon Sharlyn

Melon Sugar Cube

Melon Tekka

Melon Tendral

Melon Tigger

Melon Tuscan

Melon Uzbek Russian

Melon Watermelon Faerie

Melon Watermelon Kiran

Melon Watermelon Korean

Melon Watermelon Orange

Melon Watermelon Personal

Melon Watermelon Ruby Bliss - Dulcinea

Melon Watermelon Seedless

Melon Watermelon W/Seeds

Melon Watermelon Yellow

Melon Winter



Mixian (Chinese Amarith)



Monk Fruit



Moringa Pods



Mush Abalone

Mush Abalone Black

Mush Agitake

Mush Bear's Head

Mush Black Trumpet

Mush Blazei

Mush Blue Foot

Mush Caesar's

Mush Candy Caps

Mush Cauliflower

Mush Chanterelle

Mush Chanterelle Black

Mush Chanterelle White

Mush Chanterelle Yellow Foot

Mush Chicken of the Woods

Mush Cremini

Mush Dried Candy Caps

Mush Dried Chanterelle

Mush Dried Chicken of the Woods

Mush Dried Lobster

Mush Dried Maitake

Mush Dried Matsutake

Mush Dried Morels

Mush Dried Oyster

Mush Dried Porcini

Mush Dried Shiitake

Mush Dried Trumpet Black

Mush Dried Wood Ear

Mush Enoki

Mush Enoki Golden

Mush Fried Chicken

Mush Golden Thread

Mush Hanaiguchi

Mush Hedgehog

Mush Hon Shimeji Brown

Mush Hon Shimeji White

Mush Huitlacoche

Mush Lion's Mane

Mush Lobster

Mush Maitake

Mush Matsutake

Mush Matsutake Yanagi

Mush Morel

Mush Mousseron

Mush Nameko

Mush Oyster

Mush Oyster King Trumpet USA

Mush Oyster Pink Flamingo

Mush Oyster Yellow

Mush Pig's Ears (Violet Chanterelle)

Mush Porcini

Mush Portabella

Mush Portobellini

Mush Puffball

Mush Shiitake

Mush Shiitake Baby

Mush Shirakami Awabitake

Mush St. George

Mush White Button

Mush White Large Dollar

Mush White Medium

Mush Wood Ear




Nectarines Donut

Nectarines Honeydew

Nectarines Mango

Nectarines White

Ngo Gai

Ngo Om



Nopales Cactus Leaf

Nuts Macadamia Green -

Nuts Almonds Green Fresh

Nuts Chestnuts

Nuts Ginkgo

Nuts Peanuts Green

Nuts Pistachio Raw

Nuts Walnuts Green Fresh

Nuts Walnuts Red

Okra Chinese

Okra Green

Okra Red

Olives Chinese

Olives Green Fresh

Onion Spring Temecula Sweet

Onion Sprouts

Onions Boiling

Onions Boiling Red

Onions Calcot

Onions Cipollini Italian

Onions Cipollini Italian Red

Onions Green

Onions Italian Bunching

Onions Maui

Onions Pearl Gold

Onions Pearl Red

Onions Pearl White

Onions Pyaz

Onions Red

Onions Red Tip Scallion

Onions Red Young

Onions Shallots Thai

Onions Spring

Onions Spring Walla Walla

Onions Sweet Cal 1015

Onions Sweet Kula

Onions Sweet Texas 1015

Onions Tokyo Negi

Onions Torpedo

Onions Vidalia

Onions Walla Walla

Onions White

Onions Yellow

Ooba Green

Ooba Red

Oranges Bergamot

Oranges Blood Arnold

Oranges Blood Moro

Oranges Blood Sanguinelli

Oranges Blood Tarocco

Oranges Blood Vanigila Sanguigino

Oranges Calamondin

Oranges Cara Cara

Oranges Chinese Bitter

Oranges Dalandan

Oranges Lima

Oranges Mandarinquats

Oranges Navel

Oranges Page

Oranges Satgudi

Oranges Seville

Oranges Sumo Citrus®

Oranges Temple

Oranges Valencia

Orn Corn Indian

Orn Corn Mini

Orn Gourd Gooseneck

Orn Gourds

Orn Leaves Holly Green Variegated

Orn Stalks Corn

Orn Stalks Wheat Bunch

Orn Straw/Hay Mini

Papaya (Sunrise) Strawberry

Papaya Green

Papaya Hawaiian

Papaya Mexican

Parvar (Pointed Gourd)


Passionfruit Banana

Passionfruit Yellow


Pea English

Pea Purple Hull

Pea Shoot Cups

Pea Snap Stringless

Pea Snow

Pea Snow Golden

Pea Snow Purple

Pea Tendrils Lamborn

Pea Vines


Peaches Donut™

Peaches Ghiaccio

Peaches Indian

Peaches Last Chance

Peaches White

Peaches Wild


Pears 20th Century

Pears Abate Fetel

Pears Anjou

Pears Anjou Red

Pears Asian

Pears Asian Cho Juro

Pears Asian Hosui

Pears Asian Kikusui

Pears Asian Kosui

Pears Bartlett

Pears Bartlett Red

Pears Bosc

Pears Cactus Green

Pears Cactus Red

Pears Comice

Pears Comice Red

Pears Concorde

Pears Conference

Pears Forelle

Pears Fragrant

Pears French Butter

Pears Garber

Pears General Leclerc

Pears Honey Bellle

Pears Packham Chilean

Pears Papple

Pears Red Crimson

Pears Seckel

Pears Taylor's Gold

Pears Tosca

Pears Warren

Pears Yali


Pepper Chile Aji Amarillo

Pepper Chile Aji Limon

Pepper Chile Anaheim Green

Pepper Chile Anaheim Red

Pepper Chile Banana

Pepper Chile Black Cobra

Pepper Chile Bull Nose

Pepper Chile Cayenne Golden

Pepper Chile Cayenne Green

Pepper Chile Cayenne Red

Pepper Chile Cherry Red

Pepper Chile Chilaca

Pepper Chile Corno de Toro

Pepper Chile Cubanelle Italian Green

Pepper Chile Cubanelle Italian Red

Pepper Chile Espelette

Pepper Chile Evans Hot

Pepper Chile Fatalii

Pepper Chile Fish

Pepper Chile Fresno Red

Pepper Chile Fushimi

Pepper Chile Ghost Green

Pepper Chile Ghost Red

Pepper Chile Guernica

Pepper Chile Habanero Black

Pepper Chile Habanero Orange

Pepper Chile Habanero Red

Pepper Chile Hatch New Mexico Green

Pepper Chile Hungarian

Pepper Chile Hungarian Hot

Pepper Chile Indian

Pepper Chile Jalapeno Green

Pepper Chile Jalapeno Red

Pepper Chile Jalapeno White

Pepper Chile Lantern Hot

Pepper Chile Lipstick

Pepper Chile Lipstick Golden

Pepper Chile Manzana

Pepper Chile Nardello Jimmy

Pepper Chile Padron

Pepper Chile Pasilla Green

Pepper Chile Pasilla Red

Pepper Chile Piment d' Anglet

Pepper Chile Pimentos

Pepper Chile Piquillo

Pepper Chile Roaster Red

Pepper Chile Scorpion Red

Pepper Chile Scotch Bonnets

Pepper Chile Serrano Green

Pepper Chile Serrano Red

Pepper Chile Shishito Green

Pepper Chile Shishito Red

Pepper Chile Sigaretta Dolce

Pepper Chile Siling Labuyo

Pepper Chile Tepin

Pepper Chile Thai Green

Pepper Chile Thai Red

Pepper Chile Yellow

Pepper Chile Yum Yum

Pepper Dried Anahiem

Pepper Dried Ancho

Pepper Dried Arbol

Pepper Dried Cascabel

Pepper Dried Cayenne

Pepper Dried Chipotle

Pepper Dried Espelette

Pepper Dried Ghost Chile

Pepper Dried Guajillo

Pepper Dried Japanese

Pepper Dried Morita

Pepper Dried Mulato

Pepper Dried Negro

Pepper Dried New Mexico

Pepper Dried Pulla

Persimmons Dried

Persimmons Fuyu

Persimmons Hachiya

Persimmons Hoshigaki

Persimmons Hyakume

Persimmons Maru (Cinnamon)

Persimmons Sharon Fruit

Persimmons Tamopan

Persimmons Tsuru Noko "Chocolate"



Pineapple Baby Queen Victoria

Pineapple Peach

Pineapple Sugar Loaf


Plums Cherry

Plums Elephant Heart

Plums Greengage

Plums Howard's Miracle

Plums Italian Prunes

Plums June

Plums Lemon

Plums Mirabelle de Metz

Plums Plumcot

Plums Pluot

Plums Santa Rosa

Plums Satsuma

Plums Sugar

Plums Ume

Plums Wild

Pluots Flavor Fall


Pomegranates White

Potatoes Air

Potatoes Anno Imo

Potatoes Boniato

Potatoes Carola

Potatoes Creamer Purple

Potatoes Creamer Red

Potatoes Creamer White

Potatoes Creamer Yellow

Potatoes Fingerling Amarosa

Potatoes Fingerling Anya

Potatoes Fingerling French

Potatoes Fingerling Mix Peewee

Potatoes Fingerling Purple

Potatoes Fingerling Red Thumb

Potatoes Fingerling Rub Cre

Potatoes Fingerling Rus Ban

Potatoes Finnish

Potatoes German Butterball

Potatoes Gorojima

Potatoes Island Sunshine

Potatoes Kennebec

Potatoes Laker Baker

Potatoes Laratte

Potatoes Mezame

Potatoes Mukago

Potatoes Oca Cherry Red

Potatoes Oca Rose Pink

Potatoes Oca Sunrise

Potatoes Okinawan

Potatoes Onaway

Potatoes Ozette

Potatoes Papapura

Potatoes Purple

Potatoes Red

Potatoes Red Cranberry

Potatoes Ron's Burgundy

Potatoes Russet

Potatoes Sierra Gold

Potatoes Sweet

Potatoes Sweet Stokes Purple®

Potatoes White Rose

Potatoes Yams Baby

Potatoes Yams Chinese

Potatoes Yams Garnet

Potatoes Yams Jewel

Potatoes Yams Yama

Potatoes Yukon Gold



Pumpkins Big Mac

Pumpkins Blue

Pumpkins Cinderella

Pumpkins Fairytale (15-25lbs)

Pumpkins Kakai

Pumpkins Knucklehead

Pumpkins Mini

Pumpkins Mini White

Pumpkins Musque de Provence

Pumpkins Pam

Pumpkins Pink

Pumpkins Rouge Vif D' Etampes

Pumpkins Sugar Pie Organic

Pumpkins White


Radish Amethyst

Radish Black

Radish Black Japanese

Radish Cincinnati

Radish Daikon

Radish Daikon Purple

Radish Diakon Beni Shigure

Radish Easter Egg

Radish French Breakfast

Radish German Beer

Radish Icicle

Radish Japanese Red Cherry

Radish Korean Lo Buc

Radish Lime

Radish Ostergruß

Radish Plum Purple

Radish Pods

Radish Red

Radish Shunkyo

Radish Snowball

Radish Sparkler

Radish Watermelon

Raisin Tree Japanese

Raja Mirchi



Red Palm Fruit


Rhubarb Hot House

Rice Shoots Wild

Root Celery

Root Galangal

Root Ginger

Root Ginger Young

Root Ginseng

Root Gobo

Root Horseradish

Root Kohlrabi Green

Root Kohlrabi Purple

Root Licorice

Root Lotus

Root Malanga

Root Mustard

Root Parsley

Root Parsnips

Root Rutabaga

Root Salsify

Root Sunchokes

Root Sunchokes Red

Root Tapioca

Root Taro Big

Root Taro Satoimo

Root Turmeric

Root Turnips Pink

Root Wasabi

Root Yacón

Root Yama

Root Yamaimo

Root Yatsugashira

Root Yuca






Sapote Black


Shallot Shoots


Shiso Purple



Snake Fruit

Snake Gourd



Spinach Arrowhead

Spinach Baby Spoon

Spinach Bloomsdale

Spinach Bordeaux

Spinach Chinese

Spinach Giant Nobel

Spinach Komatsuna

Spinach Malabar

Spinach Malabar Red

Spinach New Zealand

Spinach Okami Green

Spinach Okami Red

Spinach Red

Spinach Savoy

Spinach Water

Spinach Wild (Lamb's Quarter)

Sprts Alfalfa

Sprts Bean Mix

Sprts Bean Mung

Sprts Broccoli

Sprts China Rose

Sprts Kaiware

Sprts Pea Shoots Green

Sprts Pea Shoots Yellow

Sprts Sunflower Greens

Sprts Wheat Grass Organic Bulk

Squash Acorn Gold

Squash Acorn Green

Squash Acorn White

Squash Baby Crookneck Yellow

Squash Baby Gold Bar

Squash Baby Patty Pan Green

Squash Baby Patty Pan Yellow

Squash Baby Scallopini

Squash Baby Summer Mix

Squash Baby Yellow w/ Flower

Squash Baby Zephyr

Squash Baby Zucchini Green

Squash Baby Zucchini w/ Flower

Squash Banana

Squash Buttercup Green

Squash Buttercup Orange

Squash Butternut

Squash Butternut Baby

Squash Butternut Violina Di Rugosa

Squash Calabasa

Squash Carnival

Squash Chayote

Squash Chayote Prickly

Squash Chayote White

Squash Crookneck Dutch

Squash Crookneck Yellow

Squash Cucuzza

Squash Delicata

Squash Dumpling

Squash Eight Ball

Squash Eight Ball White

Squash Eight Ball Yellow

Squash Fairy

Squash Flying Saucer

Squash Galeux d' Eysines

Squash Gold Bar

Squash Golden Nugget

Squash Hubbard

Squash Kabocha

Squash Kabocha Orange

Squash Kabocha Sunshine

Squash Kuta

Squash Lunga Di Napoli

Squash Macho Blossoms

Squash Opo

Squash Papaya

Squash Pumpkin

Squash Pumpkindisco

Squash Red Kuri

Squash Spaghetti

Squash Tahitian

Squash Tonda American

Squash Turban

Squash Yellow Straight

Squash Zucchini Chinese

Squash Zucchini Goldmine

Squash Zucchini Green

Star Apple

Star Fruit Taiwanese

Sugar Apple

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Purple

Sugar Cane Swizzle


Suran (Elephant Foot Yam)

Tamarillo Gold

Tamarillo Red



Tangelos Lavender Gem

Tangelos Minneola

Tangerines Clementines

Tangerines Cutie

Tangerines Encore

Tangerines Gold Nugget

Tangerines Honey

Tangerines Kishu

Tangerines Lee

Tangerines Murcott

Tangerines Paige

Tangerines Perfection

Tangerines Pixie

Tangerines Satsuma

Tangerines Tango


Teasel Gourd

Thai Wax Apple



Tom Beefsteak

Tom Chry

Tom Chry Black

Tom Chry Grape Red

Tom Chry Grape Yellow

Tom Chry Indigo

Tom Chry Kumato

Tom Chry Orange

Tom Chry Sungold

Tom Chry Sungreen

Tom Chry Swt 100s Red

Tom Chry Teardrop Red

Tom Chry Teardrop Yellow

Tom Chry Yellow

Tom Currant Red

Tom Early Girl

Tom Green

Tom Heirlm Assorted

Tom Heirlm Brandywine

Tom Heirlm Cherokee

Tom Heirlm Marvel Stripe

Tom Heirlm Pineapple

Tom Heirlm Rosso Bruno

Tom Japanese

Tom On The Vine Cherry

Tom On The Vine Orange

Tom On The Vine Red

Tom On The Vine Yellow

Tom Palla Di Fuoco

Tom Persimmon

Tom Roma

Tom Roma San Marzano

Tom Roma Yellow

Tom Rosso Sicilian

Tom Sundried

Tom Yellow Large

Tom Zebra Green

Tom Zebra Red


Tomatillos Milpero

Tomatillos Purple

Truffle Black Australian Winter

Truffle Black Himalayan

Truffle Black Italian Summer

Truffle Black Italian Winter

Truffle Italian Burgundy

Truffle Oregon Black

Truffle Oregon White

Truffle Perigord

Truffle White Italian Winter


Tsukune Imo



Turnips Baby Bunch

Turnips Baby Gold

Turnips Baby Pink

Turnips Japanese

Ugli™ Fruit



Water Caltrop


Watercress Hydro

Watercress Persian

Watercress Sausalito Springs

Watercress Upland

Wild Agretti Italian Baby

Wild Asiatic Wormwood

Wild Beans Sea

Wild Rose Hips

Wood Apple

Yama Udo