It is the long hours of tireless work dedicated to each crop and each square foot of farm land, the impeccably beautiful food harvested for us day after day, week after week, the limited return for such work, the simple truth that farming is essential to our lives yet in a 21st century world technology is king.  It is the amazement in my eyes that I can witness such an event as the farmers market unravel before my eyes – the summer months bringing hundreds of people to snatch a basket of figs, hold the perfect heirloom tomato or tear through ears of white corn, plucking what they deem is the best at the market right now.  It is the idealism that the market represents and upholds, truth in food, in its honest and purest form.  The food represents life and sustains livelihood.  It is all of that which is most humbling.  Humility is the essential ingredient to remember when you are making your next farmers market strawberry sorbet or pineapple heirloom tomato salad or piling fresh picked blueberries into a summer pie.  It is the secret ingredient that reigns supreme and makes everything taste a little bit better for it.

Shelling beans update:

Available this week: Purple-Hulled Pink Eyes, Flageolets and Lima Beans

Purple-hulled Pink Eyes

Rich, sweet earthy and complex, unique and delicious, a stand-out bean with a short two-month season.

Flageolet Beans- Creamy and firm in texture, these beans, unlike other shelling beans do not typically require soaking.

Lima Beans – McGrath Family Farms – mild, mellow and creamy; often referred to as a “butter bean”.

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PMA Foodservice Conference

PMA Foodservice Conference & Exposition

Monterey, California USA July 24-26, 2009

The One Place where Fresh Produce, Foodservice, and a Tough Economy add up to Flavorful Opportunities. -

The Foodservice Conference & Expo (FSC), introduced by PMA in 1982, is a three-day learning and networking experience designed to bring foodservice professionals across the supply chain together to learn about produce industry issues and topics, see the latest products and services, and strengthen relationships.

PMA’s Foodservice Conference & Expo remains the only event focused on produce in foodservice, combining the newest trends, top innovative products, most critical issues, with the hottest culinary talents.
- Direct from PMA Foodservice Conference & Exposition-

Richard & friends at the PMA Conference

Our trusty purchaser took a road trip up to Monterey for this conference – we’re always on the lookout for new products, information & processes & we love to run into our friends & vendors too!

Barbara Kaufman, Earthbound Farms San Juan Batista, CA

Richard Harrington, Specialty Produce San Diego, CA

Judy Henrichsen, Brothers Produce Houston, TX

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